I am interested in exploring the creation of a game environment that rests on top of a an already existing web browsing experience. I believe the Internet provides an un-rivaled exploratory navigation system which could underpin the structure for informative and immersive play.
I am interested in creating tools for humanity which draw on the distributive powers of the internet but reinforce the inherent strengths of the person. I have explored this interest through experiments in a variety of mediums, but most of these experiments rest on the accessibility of the Internet and the person’s relationship to it. Over the past two years, I’ve developed a much more interrogative approach to technology. I strongly believe technology can be created which improves human life, but also fear society’s increasing dependence upon such tools. Social structures and customs have evolved over hundreds of years, but the past two decades have seen drastic shifts in these norms as rapidly changing technology is adopted (i.e. e-mails, chat, cell phones, etc.). I believe creators of technology must incorporate social responsibility into the design process in order to ensure that valuable societal tools are not lost in the name of progress. I have found that humanness and technology are often held to be mutually exclusive, but technological efficiency must not eradicate the person, but, on the contrary, work within and for the social fabric which has been crafted over centuries.

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