Slow Resolution Display

Together with Taylor Levy and Che-Wei Wang, I developed a thermo-chromic light bulb display capable of slowly and organically changing changing each its pixels from black to white. We completed this piece in time for the 2008 ITP Winter Show only with the help of dozens of friends from the ITP and Pratt communities. Despite our very inefficient use of light bulbs, I really enjoy the subtle revelation of the display. When completed, we asked one of our friends to take a look at our creation. After watching some of the wrapped light bulbs change from black to white he asked us if it was working. He hadn’t noticed the color change because he was still waiting for light to appear. It’s pretty uncanny to watch the light bulbs slowly change color, and not really know what the mechanism is behind the change. Our slow resolution display fights backs against the immediacy of light and instead offers a very Edward Scissorhands experience to the viewer.

Che-Wei and Taylor have more pictures and information on their blogs which is definitely worth a visit.

Thermochromic Display

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