I am Otar.


by: Taylor, Amit, and myself

Otar is fun. Otar likes to tell stories. Otar likes to share.

Plug and Squeeze. Otar speaks through your computer’s USB port to a desktop widget that communicates with Facebook. With every squeeze, Otar’s stories come to life. To build stories of your own, you can pick images from Otar’s stories, caption them and send them to your friends.

A simple, easy to use system, Otar uses the body to drive communication through storytelling. Regardless of age, language, culture and literacy level, you can play with Otar.

Please read more on Taylor’s blog.

To use Otar, you must download and run the desktop widget.

Step 1 – Log in to Otar and let the squeezing begin.


Step 2 – Squeeze Otar to find the right image.

Pick a friend


Squeeze your Otar tightly.

Step 3 – Pick a friend, caption your image, and then have Otar send it off.

Pick a friend


Hopefully, your friend will already have the Otar Facebook application installed. If not, she may add it with a few simple clicks. Then, she will be able to review the Otar conversation you two have started.

Facebook Application

Otar Conversations

More documentation

A more thorough description of our process can be found here.

For those trying to implement serial communication in Java through Eclipse, the archive below should be of great use. Make sure to add the native binaries to your library folder so that everything runs smoothly. The SerialInterface class provides a clean way to get to everything working. Serial Files

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